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The Oxygen Facial: a breath of fresh air for your skin

The perfect pre-party treatment, the Oxygen Facial is a relaxing and pampering treatment that delivers instant results with no downtime! This gentle treatment produces a radiant, youthful glow, rehydrating and plumping the skin within minutes. Adored by celebrities and skincare experts alike, we’re thrilled to offer this revolutionary treatment at Coastal Goddess in Saratoga.

The Oxygen Facial is Intraceuticals’ signature innovation, using pressurised oxygen and cutting-edge hyaluronic acid technology to help the professional strength serums penetrate deep into the skin - further than if they were applied topically.

What are the benefits?

The Oxygen Facial gives you a direct hit of glow-getting goodies, infusing the skin with a special serum of modified hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, botanicals and antioxidants.

  • Intense, skin-quenching hydration

  • Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Defines the natural contours of your face

  • Provides an immediate, visible radiance and glow

  • Painless treatment with no downtime

  • Helps to stimulate collagen

  • Works for every skin type and concern

  • Layers like a legend - other treatments last longer, other products penetrate more easily

Revive, Replenish, Protect

There are four facial infusions to address specific skincare concerns. Patients can choose from the following:

  • Rejuvenate: Age-Defying. Maximises skin hydration. Provides visible lifting and toning effect. Recommended for:

    • Fine lines and wrinkles

    • Dehydrated skin

    • Premature ageing

  • Opulence: Brightening. Reduce the appearance of skin discolouration, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Recommended for:

    • Premature ageing

    • Uneven skin tone

    • Pigmentation due to sun damage

    • Dull, lacklustre skin

  • Clarity: Calming. The ultimate weapon against impurities and irritation, skin is clarified, refined and protected. Recommended for:

    • Enlarged or congested pores in problem prone skin

    • Adult and hormonal blemishes

    • Mature or premature ageing

    • Sensitive skin

  • Atoxolene: Line Smoothing. Non-surgical alternative to instantly firm, lift and plump your skin. Recommended for:

    • Expression lines around the eyes, lips and forehead

    • Lines around the nasal folds caused by facial muscle contractions

    • Fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area

Who are Intraceuticals?

Intraceuticals is an Australian company founded in 2002 as a result of research into various applications for oxygen. They offer a unique line of spa treatments and complementary skin care products based on innovative and progressive technology.

“Our goal is to optimise the performance of our products by only using what the skin needs, which includes treating the skin with the nourishing power of our scientifically selected radiance boosting active ingredients. Our treatment and products show immediate visible results but also ensure long-term skin health.” - Anthony McMahon (CEO and Founder)

Ready to glow?

The Oxygen Facial is ideal in the days before a big event, priming the skin for even makeup application. And while a single treatment will instantly hydrate, lift and tighten the skin’s appearance, the best results are achieved through a course of 6 treatments.

The facial begins with a double cleanse to remove all traces of makeup and toxins that could act as a barrier to the products reaching the skin. Your therapist then fills an oxygen handpiece with serum and glides it over the face, which gives a cooling sensation, paying special attention to areas like the cheekbones and any dry patches. They’ll then go over the whole face again from a slight distance to give a second hydration shot to the skin.

Contact Coastal Goddess on (02) 4319 4415 or make a booking online to experience this revolutionary facial for yourself.


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