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Goddess Sisterhood


‘I created the Goddess Sisterhood to support women.

In empowering them with the best treatments we have available to support their selfcare and confidence.

To support them financially and remove stress from large skin care bills.

Also to connect them to an uplifting community of supportive experts and with each other.'

-Dr Kelly x

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Release your inner Goddess

Our Goddess Sisterhood Program was created to give the women of the Central Coast not only the opportunity to be part of an amazing community of women, but to enable them to feel like the Goddess' they are with regular treatments at a low, discounted, monthly fee at our water-side boutique clinic.

All members not only receive numerous treatment and product benefits but are also invited, free of charge, to our quarterly VIP events; giving you the opportunity to connect with the other beautiful women of our community.

Please see our different packages below.

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Ultimate Goddess

Complete anti-aging and self confidence package

Ageless Goddess

Anti-wrinkle Treatment - For the Entire Year

Empowered Goddess

Taking your skin health to the next level

Vibrant Goddess

All of your dermal needs covered

Ageless Goddess

Wrinkle Rejuvenation Treatment - For the Entire Year

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