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Bioremodelling Treatments

Bioremodelling treatments are a newer approach to anti-aging. Whilst brand new to Australia, it was launched in Italy in 2015, and over 4 million injections have been given in over 80 countries.

They are not a filler, and not a toxin, but pure hyaluronic acid that stimulates our own bodies to produce those products essential for skin integrity. They acts at a cellular level, to deeply hydrate the skin, improve skin elasticity and quality and improve skin laxity, by stimulating all four types of collagen, elastin and fat cells.


Bio-remodelling injections are an innovative biological treatment, which counteracts skin laxity of the face and in areas traditionally difficult to treat, such as the lower face,the neck. hands and arms.


Over a period of 3 – 4 weeks, the injections kick start the production of elastin, re-modelling the skin tissue leading to a plumper and tighter look, with a radiating a natural glow. It can be used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other fillers to replace volume loss, hydrate and tighten skin, and can also complement laser treatments or botulinum toxins to get an even better result


Most patients will require 2 treatment sessions one month apart. Some patients may require 3 sessions at monthly intervals. Results can last about 6 months. To maintain the best results, the treatment cycle can be carried out twice a year.


Where can Bioremodelling

treatments be used?

  • Face

  • Neck

  • Décolletage

  • Arms

  • Hands


What is involved in the Treatment?

After a discussion of your concerns and a full skin and facial assessment performed by your Coastal Goddess practitioner, a treatment plan will be tailored to meet your needs. Pre-treatment photos will be taken and consent obtained.


Injections are placed in scientifically proven locations, depending on the area treated.

Bioremodelling injections are not too painful. However there are several options for pain management during treatment, including local anaesthetic, topical numbing cream, ice, or Entonox gas, should they be required.

The treatment takes about 15 mins. Small superficial injections are given to the treatment area. The results are not evident immediately, however, there will be swelling at each injection site for up to 24 hours. This looks like a small insect sting

Pre-Treatment Information

  • The day of your treatment – do not apply any products such as sermus, SPF or make up to the area to be treated

  • Medications to avoid for 1 weeks prior to treatment

  • Anti-inflammatories ( eg.Neurofen/Voltaren)

  • Ginko Biloba

  • Flax seed oil

  • Cod liver oil

  • Vitamin A and Vitamin E, plus any other essential fatty acid

  • Avoid chemical peels, laser and microdermabrasion for 2 weeks

  • Avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks. Always use SPF 50

  • Do not wax, bleach, use depilatory cream ( Nair) or electrolysis for 4 weeks

After care

  • No make up for 24 hrs

  • No strenuous exercise for 24 hours

  • Avoid Sauna, Steam baths or Ice baths for 2 weeks

  • Avoid dental procedures for 2 weeks

  • Avoid dermal filler injections into the same area for 2 weeks

  • No laser or peel treatments to the area for 4 weeks

Potential Risks and Contra-indications

With any medical procedure there are always risks and contra-indications. These will be discussed with your doctor prior to treatment. Expected side effects include:

  • Bruising or redness at injection site

  • Mild Swelling – like an insect bite

  • Mild pain

These should resolve within a few days

Rare complications can occur and include:

  • Allergic reaction

  • Infection

  • Granuloma formation

  • Re-activation of a viral infection such as HSV (cold sore)

  • Very rare – stated in literature: necrosis of the glabellar, abscess or hypersensitivity

Bioremodelling injections are not recommended for:

  • Pregnant & breastfeeding women

  • Patients with an active infection, including cold sores

  • Patients who have had a previous allergic reaction to any HA filler product, or who are allergic to any ingredients in HA fillers.

 If you are concerned at any point in your journey, don’t hesitate to contact your Coastal Goddess practitioner.

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