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Advanced Skin Treatments

Our fully qualified dermal therapists know exactly what your skin needs. Skin treatments and programs are customised especially for you so that you get the extra care and the results you deserve. From mild peels to medical grade laser we have the skin solutions you need. It is our aim that you look and feel like a Goddess.

Skinceuticals Skin Peels

Our extensive rage of skin peels are designed for all skins, mild peels for sensitive skins as well as stronger peels for skins that crave the active ingredients.


  • Anti-Ageing Peel - Helps restore radiance, tone and texture to visibly ageing skin. This treatment will leave your skin looking brighter, energised and refreshed. Combine with our White Healite for an advanced antiageing experience.

  • Nourishing Peel - Quench your skins thirst by restoring lost hydration to skin experiencing dryness, dehydration lines and rough texture. Increases cell turnover and leaves your skin feeling rehydrated, smooth and radiant. Combine with our Red Healite for ultimate rejuvenation.

  • Brightening Peel - Contains a powerhouse of ingredients specifically designed to help restore brightness to dull skin experiencing dryness, mild discolouration and rough texture. Combined with protective antioxidants your skin will brighter & feel refreshed.

  • Even Skin Tone Peel - Stronger than our Brightening peel, this peel will help manage the complexity of skin discolouration including blotchiness and pigmentation. This treatment will achieve smoother skin with more uniform skin tone.

  • Acne Treatment Peel - Help manage the condition of acne prone skin including excess oil, uneven texture, breakout, redness and discolouration. We combine clarifying and calming technologies to help improve the appearance of your skin by reducing redness and discomfort. Perfect for skin experiencing acne and ageing simultaneously. Combine with our Blue Healite for faster long lasting results.


Goddess Signature Facial

Experience the luxury of a spa facial combined with medical skincare treatments to provide clinical results. Our Goddess Signature Facial will be tailored to your skin type, for best results, and will include a medical grade peel / treatment, vitamin C firming mask and LED treatment. 

How does a Coastal Goddess medical-grade facial differ from a standard spa facial? Our team are trained aestheticians who treat your skin from the inside out, going beyond surface level cleansing. While a spa facial will leave you feeling soothed and relaxed, we create a bespoke experience customised to your specific needs, giving you visible, long-lasting results - all while feeling well & truly pampered.


Healite LED Facial

Discover the true science of LED Phototherapy. Our Healite can increase cellular function, improve healing, relieve pain, decrease active acne, promote skin rejuvenation and more. The powerful light
penetrates deep into your skin where it is needed, working at a cellular and tissue level achieving proven results. Healite is a pain free, non-invasive treatment for all ages. It is actually relaxing!


Our doctors, nurses and dermal therapists will customise a treatment for your skin conditions combining one, two or both colours to achieve results for multiple conditions simultaneously.


  • Red Light - Anti ageing, skin rejuvenation, increase collagen and elastin in your skin. Improve cell turn over and leaves skin feeling firmer.

  • White Light - A must have after our laser & needling treatments to promote faster healing and improve results. Also perfect after surgery, for best results start within 48 hours post surgery to improve appearance of scarring. Faster wound healing, pain relief, increase blood circulation & overall skin rejuvenation. Can be combined with red or blue lights to improve results.



Microneedling is a superior form of exfoliation designed to improve skin texture and tone. It involves creating tiny wounds in the skin with single use needles. The wounds which are too small to see cause your body to make more collagen and elastin which heal your skin and help you look younger. Needling is a great place to start if you are not ready to try laser or they can be added to a skin peel program for enhanced log lasting results.

You can have a Healite on the same day as your needling which results in virtually no down time.



Fractional Laser

Our Action II Fractional Laser is an advanced non invasive skin treatment that uses laser beam divided into thousands of microscopic zones that target a fraction of the skin at a time. The specialised technology of Action II gives your therapist more control allowing for a virtually pain free treatment with minimal downtime. We can treat large pores, skin tone including sun damage, wrinkles, acne scarring and skin texture. Perfect for face, neck, chest and even ageing hands. Perfect to have in between injectable
treatments to enhance and maintain results. Book in for a consultation to see what Fractional Laser can do for you and your skin goals.

Oxygen Facial

The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial is a crossover treatment offering relaxation and pampering while delivering dramatic instant results with no down time. The facial application method uses pressurised oxygen, which pushes serums further into the skin than they would go topically. This treatment delivers dramatic and instant results with no downtime, making it perfect for a pre-party treatment.


The facial begins with a double cleanse to remove all traces of make up and toxins that could act as a barrier to the products reaching the skin. Your therapist then fills an oxygen handpiece with serum and glides it over the face, which gives a cooling sensation, paying special attention to areas like the cheekbones and any dry patches. They’ll then go over the whole face again from a slight distance to give a second hydration shot to the skin.



Do you suffer from hyperpigmentation, melasma or dark spots? Cosmelan is a professional depigmenting method that fully removes the most severe and resistant spots with maximum efficacy and safety.


The Cosmelan method is a unique combination of active ingredients of proven efficacy that provides it with a unique and dual action for a short- and long-term outcome:

  • Corrective action: visibly removes and attenuates spots.

  • Regulating action: regulates the overproduction of pigmentation to prevent the spots' reappearance.


This gentle treatment also enhances skin brightness and unifies the tone, helping to improve skin beauty.

Jessner Peel 

Our Jessner Peel exfoliates outer dead skin cells to reveal a healthy new layer. Benefits include;

  • Helps minimise fine lines, creases, dark spots, and scars

  • Helps brighten dull, blotchy, and uneven complexions

  • Helps reduce the appearance of blemishes

  • Shown to stimulate collagen and elastin production for firmer skin

  • Improves the appearance of acne blemishes, blackheads, and large pores

  • Fights sun damage, discoloration, age spots, and scarring


Contains: Lactic Acid 14%. Resorcinol Acid 14%. Salicylic Acid 14%.


Please note that chemical peels successfully improve skin conditions with acids to produce a controlled injury. You will have downtime with significant shedding. Please allow 7-10 days healing time. This process helps slough off the damaged surface cells and stimulates collagen and elastin production, resulting in a new fortified layer of healthier-looking skin.

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