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Everything you need to know about vaginal rejuvenation

Dr Kelly performing vaginal rejuvenation at Coastal Goddess

The term vaginal rejuvenation may sound like a solely cosmetic procedure, but it is not! It is an evidence-based medical procedure, used to address multiple vaginal complaints. Vaginal rejuvenation at Coastal Goddess is a non-surgical treatment, performed on women who want to improve their vaginal health, with no down time. We use a non-invasive laser to enhance vaginal health, the first of its kind on the Central Coast. No longer do women need to suffer in silence, Coastal Goddess is here to help.

Ageing, pregnancy or childbirth can weaken the pelvic floor and vaginal walls, which can lead to vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS). As a result, women may experience decreased sensation during sexual intercourse and urinary incontinence. Both conditions reducing her quality of life and causing increased psychological pressure.

Menopause, whether it be natural or as a result of some cancer treatments, such as breast or gyneacological cancer, also has a large impact on vaginal function. Reduction in hormones, in particularly estrogen, can result in vaginal atrophy. A condition where the vaginal wall undergoes thinning, drying and sometimes inflammation. This can cause symptoms of pain, itching, painful intercourse and urinary symptoms.

Coastal Goddess are working closely with many women's health physiotherapists, cancer rehab therapists and cancer care nurses to increase awareness of vaginal issues, allowing women to access treatments.

Let's explore some of the reasons why women might choose to undergo vaginal rejuvenation and what it involves.

Why choose vaginal rejuvenation?

Whilst we understand that some women with severe conditions may require surgical vaginoplasty, there is significant downtime and potential risks associated. Vaginal rejuvenation is a safe and effective treatment that can be of great benefit. It can be done for numerous reasons, including:

  • To address vaginal relaxation caused by pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, cancer treatments, or the normal ageing process

  • To address issues with stress urinary incontinence (SUI)

  • To increase sexual gratification and enjoyment

  • To help with pain during intercourse

  • To improve dryness or itchiness caused by vaginal atrophy

  • To treat the appearance of lichen sclerosis or vulval pigmentation

  • To improve self-esteem and confidence

Gentle, simple and fast

We use the Petit Lady laser by Lutronic, a non-invasive, reliable, and convenient solution to rejuvenating the vaginal structures. This state-of-the-art vaginal rejuvenation technique allows Coastal Goddess to provide the help necessary for women to achieve their intimate goals. It promises the most up-to-date technology with the lowest side effect profile. The Petit Lady laser boasts both aesthetic and functional benefits with no pain.

Do I need to prepare for the procedure?

After a full consultation, including discussion of symptoms and concerns, medical history and vaginal examination with your Coastal Goddess physician, a treatment plan will be tailored to meet your needs. The first treatment can be given on the same day, or another appointment can be made – there is no preparation required. We only ask that all patients have an up-to-date cervical screening test prior to appointment. This can be performed by your GP or gynaecologist.

What does vaginal rejuvenation involve?

A sterile probe is inserted into the vagina. This is well lubricated; however, insertion may be slightly uncomfortable if you have severe vaginal dryness. During the procedure you will feel a gentle vibration, but no pain.

The procedure - which is similar to a transvaginal ultrasound - takes 15-20 minutes with minimal discomfort and no down time. You can have your appointment in your lunch break and head straight back to work if you need to!

The procedure is performed in a pleasant, calm and safe space by a female physician.

How many sessions are required?

We recommend 3 treatments initially, with an interval of four weeks between sessions. Optimal results are evident after the third treatment; however, you may notice improvement sooner. Results can last 12-18 months, however yearly maintenance is recommended.

Release your inner goddess

A woman who undergoes vaginal rejuvenation will experience an improved sense of self-esteem and confidence. Women say that they feel more confident in their relationships, as well as in their day-to-day lives, after undergoing this procedure.

Ready to learn more about vaginal rejuvenation? Contact Coastal Goddess on (02) 4319 4415 or book an appointment online!


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