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Dermal Therapist & Clinical Manager


Sam, has earned the title of our very own skin expert with an impressive tenure of over 20 years in the Beauty Industry. Her unwavering dedication to skin care and commitment to helping individuals achieve their unique skin goals are truly commendable.


As a highly trained Dermal therapist, Sam possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in advanced treatments such as laser therapy and medical-grade skincare. Collaborating with numerous esteemed doctors throughout her career, she has gained invaluable experience, making her adept at addressing a wide range of concerns. In the rare event that she encounters a challenge beyond her scope, Sam will gladly guide you to the appropriate resources. It comes as no surprise that her clients deeply appreciate her honesty and unwavering devotion.


Sam's exceptional ability to tailor each session to individual needs has earned her the reputation for having that extra special touch. As a busy working mother of five children, Sam empathises with the demands of everyday life. She goes above and beyond to customise skin journeys that accommodate various budgets, time constraints, and lifestyles.


Outside of her professional life, Sam enjoys being in the company of her loved ones, going out for a dance with her friends and has a slight obsession with Mermaids (very fitting to working at Coastal Goddess!). 


Sam strongly believes: ‘We can’t stop the aging process but we don’t have to look our age'. This mantra encapsulates her belief in the transformative power of effective skincare, enabling individuals to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, regardless of age.

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