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Scar Therapy Package

Here at Coastal Goddess, we're not just about understanding scars — we're about empowering you to embrace your skin's story with confidence and choose how you want to treat the skin you’re in. For many, scars are not just reminders of the past; they can also be sources of discomfort, both physical and emotional.


Discover how we work our magic to diminish, heal, and gracefully conceal scars, revealing the radiant goddess within you. Our Scar Therapy Package is a holistic treatment plan to address all types of scars and post-surgery recovery.

Before Surgery

  • 3 x LED Therapy Treatments. 

After Surgery 

  • 9 x LED Therapy Treatments.

  • 5 x Fractional Laser or micro-needling sessions depending on scar including LED Therapy.

  • 2 x LED Therapy Treatment sessions, after all laser treatments are complete. 

  • OPTIONAL ADD ON: 5 x radio frequency treatments - $750. ​


Additional costs may apply to large scars, or where there are multiple scars. A treatment plan with timeline will be be customised to your needs.

Price $1700

Skin Peel
Goddess Facia
LED Therapy
Fractional Laser
Oxygen Facial
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