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The “pregnancy glow” … some women will tell you it’s a thing. Many women would tell you it’s a complete and utter myth. This Night Cream was formulated by The Secret Skincare Co-Founders Dr Clara Hurst & Dr Deb Cohen-Jones based on their own reality of the “pregnancy glow”. Where they in fact, experienced pregnancies that wreaked havoc on their skin.

The Pregnancy Clarifying Night Cream is a pregnancy safe way of addressing the hormonal changes that occur in pregnancy that bring about the over-production of oil and an increase of inflammation causing hormonal acne.  Nourish the skin while targeting breakout, scarring and inflammation concerns. Take the pregnancy glow into your own hands with our Pregnancy Clarifying Night Cream.

Always read the label and follow the directions provided by our doctors before use. 

Pregnancy Clarifying Night Cream

  • Topical antibiotics used in combination with brightening actives work to remove harmful, acne and inflammation-causing bacteria from the skin and increase skin cell regeneration. In response, healthy skin cells regulate oil production while reducing the build-up of dead skin cells that often cause congestion in the skin. Barrier strengthening ingredients act as further support for inflamed skin by replenishing the skins lipids and thus fortifying its protective barrier.

    Please contact us to request an ingredients list for this product.

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