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Unlock the secret to radiant, healthy skin with our Prep & Protect Bundle. Everything you need to transform your daily routine: Oil Cleanser, Solar Serum SPF50, and Base Cream. Combining antioxidants, solar protection and hydrating ingredients to support your skin's lipid barrier for smooth, luminous skin.

Oil Cleanser - an ultra-nourishing 2-in-1 oil cleanser & makeup remover designed to revitalise your skin, removing dirt, make-up and impurities from the skin.

Base Cream - a gentle, nutrient-rich moisturiser that boosts barrier function and provides long-lasting hydration.

Solar Serum SPF50 is a luxurious SPF50 broad-spectrum sunscreen that elicits a luminous finish to the skin.

Hydrating Duo

  • Formulated for a variety of skin concerns, and overall health and hydration. The power of prescription-strength ingredients can cause some initial side effects, such as dryness and flaking - our Hydrating Duo is the perfect addition to manage these side effects, for a healthy lipid barrier.

    Please contact us to request an ingredients list for this product.

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