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New Women’s Intimate Health Clinic Opening Soon in Saratoga

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

It’s time to release your inner goddess...

Attention Central Coast ladies: are scars, uneven texture, wrinkles, and fine lines leaving you feeling less than the goddess you know you are? Introducing the first of its kind on the Central Coast opening October 25th in Saratoga, Aesthetic medicine, and women’s intimate health clinic - Coastal Goddess helps you achieve a more youthful appearance on your own terms.

The aesthetic services and intimate health treatments are designed and administered by medical professionals passionate about empowering you to take control of your appearance and intimate health. With almost 2 decades of combined experience in the medical and surgical fields, with an emphasis on the maturing women’s physical and intimate health, the Coastal Goddess doctors, and practitioners, can help you achieve results that have real meaning. Whether that is a more youthful looking appearance, through aesthetic injectables and customized dermal therapies, or improvement in your sexual and urinary function through vaginal laser therapies Coastal Goddess is here to help!

Led by Dr Kelly Needham, the Coastal Goddess team are thrilled to be able to serve the local community especially during this challenging time. According to Needham “ageing gracefully doesn’t mean living with discomfort or stigma. The time has come to prioritise YOU and release your inner goddess”.

The first of its kind on the Central Coast, the unique women's intimate boutique clinic provides cosmetic facial treatments and vaginal laser rejuvenation. The Coastal Goddess team are dedicated to nurturing natural beauty from the inside and out.

Aptly located at 8 Mimosa Avenue, Saratoga, Dr Kelly Needham explains that her team "are committed to delivering a personalised, relaxing and enjoyable experience. We have even installed a Mimosa Bar as well as other little touches to help alleviate any tension and stress of our clients and promote maximum relaxation and comfort".

Coastal Goddess is also proudly in partnership with WomenCAN a wonderful charity that helps Australian women diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer. This year over 2,000 Australian women will die from one of the seven types of gynaecological cancers. Dr Kelly and the team are highly committed to helping to raise awareness and funds to help fight gynaecological cancer which is why they are supporting the Save the Box initiative.

It’s time to release your inner goddess now!


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