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All you need to achieve the full, Signature Secret glow. The Signature Set has got your daytime glow covered with our Brightening Day Elixir for a beautifully bright and hydrated looking complexion. At night, utilise the power of medical-strength actives with your choice of Night Cream to achieve intense anti-aging effects while you sleep.

And your choice of two: Cellular Repair Eye Cream 30g, Eye Serum 15ml and / or Face Treatment 30g. 

Together, all four chosen products will maximise your Secret experience and get you the results you’ve always at much more rapid rate. ⁣

Always read the label and follow the directions provided by our doctors before use. 

The Signature Set Refill

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    Book your Skin Consultation with our knowledgeable team to know which products and treatments are right for you!

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