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A pregnancy-safe routine for you while pregnant or conceiving. Retain your Secret glow with a Day (50gm), Night (50gm) and Eye Serum. 

Our pregnancy safe Night Creams have been carefully curated to treat concerns like melasma, breakouts and dullness, with a safe approach. 

Designed to maintain any results made from our original formulas, or as a starting point to mitigate any skin concerns while pregnant. For best results we recommend switching back to our original formulas post-pregnancy. 


  • Day (50gm)
  • Pregnancy Night (50gm) 
  • Brightening Eye Serum 

Our 50gm Day and Night Formulas should last you 6 months with regular use.

Our entire range is completely safe to use whilst breastfeeding. 

Always read the label and follow the directions provided by our doctors before use.

The Pregnancy Set Refill

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