Dr. Jodie Ralph



Jodie is a General Practitioner who has lived and worked on the Central Coast for the past eight years. As a woman with three teenage children she can certainly appreciate all the, ahem, challenges associated with a maturing body and the intimate health issues that come along with the joys of motherhood and life. Her experience and special interest in this often undiscussed, overlooked or stigmatised area or real life has led her to join Coastal Goddess.


Since receiving her Medical Degree in 2012, Jodie has worked as a surgical assistant to several of the leading gynaecologists on the Central Coast. She has previously lived and worked in London, Lismore and Sydney and brings her years of experience and knowledge to The Coastal community to empower her patients to maintain their intimate health.


Jodie believes all women can take not only an active stance on physical ageing but can manage our intimate health through sexual function, urinary control and vaginal comfort, areas of our health that are widely viewed as taboo. She knows ageing doesn’t just affect how we look on our outside; ageing can also affect our bodies when it comes to intimate pleasure as well as health. She feels that self-esteem can come from feeling and looking your best and is excited about working with women, for women in a supportive and nurturing environment aimed in an evidence based manner solutions that really work. So call Jodie and together you can tell the world you’re not taking ageing lying down anymore.